Manufacturers – kick start your training initiatives with off-the-shelf courses

Manufacturers – kick start your training initiatives with off-the-shelf courses

The growing gap between talent and skill sets which are required and the talent and skill sets which are actually available has posed as a big problem for the ever-growing manufacturing industry. With the rapid progress of innovation and technology, and with the embracing of industry 4.0, or the fourth industrial revolution, experts expect this skill gap to increase over time.

One of the key requirements for manufacturing companies is having a dynamic team who possess a range of skills and tasks, as compared to a resource that is trained to perform one single task. Such dynamic and multi-faceted talent is very hard to come by in the domain of manufacturing, and in India, due to archaic curriculum in the education system, it is close to impossible to churn out a workforce that is ready for the new challenges of the manufacturing industry. So what is the possible solution to this?

As someone responsible for the learning and training initiatives, it is important for you to provide your workforce with the training and skills that they need so that they can foster their own growth and also help the company grow in the process. By providing the required training, manufacturers can boost the productivity of the factory, decrease employee turnover, and solve the problem of skill gap efficiently. However, training can be an arduous and expensive task! Not to mention time-consuming. From the hassle of gathering a panel of experts to the financial burden of compensating them and the added headache and extra costs of logistics such as renting a venue, etc. all add up. So how does one impart training by sound professionals and experts, without burning through company funds? The answer lies in off-the-shelf online courses.

Here are a few ways in which these courses can give business a boost.

Keep the costs down

Unlike the traditional training programs which are primarily classroom-based, off-the-shelf courses are a one-time expense for your company. The costs of renting out a training venue, organizing catering, booking a venue and hiring a panel of subject matter experts and trainers are all eliminated, thereby bringing the company spending down. What’s more is that these the online training courses can be taken by your learners from anywhere, anytime, as per their convenience. Studies have found that adult learners are far less attentive and require material that is engaging, immersive, and captivating. With the use of audio, videos, games, and simulations, online training courses are found to be more engaging.

Facilitate better knowledge transfer

One of the most important, yet, overlooked parts in an organization is knowledge transfer. Let’s suppose one of your key employees has decided to call it quits. No matter how long the notice period is, it is not impossible to hand over the knowledge acquired in multiple years in a matter of a month or two. This is where things go wrong. If one key player leaves, everything else falls out of alignment. In the absence of right training programs, it is not possible to effectively share the knowledge with the new employees. With readymade off-the-shelf courses, this brain drain issue can be effectively handled. The new employees coming on board can refer to the material whenever they need and ensure that they are effective on the job. This also means the elimination of specifically organized training sessions every time you get a new recruit.

Impart long-term learning

Learning is long-term only if it’s made interesting. Learning can become a bore if the learner is expected to go through boring presentations. Presenting the same information in micro-nuggets using tactics such as gamification and video-based learning makes training fun and exciting. Learners also need the flexibility to learn at their own pace. Such learning is the only kind of learning that sticks. With off-the-shelf courses, you can get started with online training in a matter of a few days.

Retain your sharpest minds

An important benefit of these courses is the power to offer CPD (continuing professional development) for key employees. This is an excellent incentive to retain your best talent as they want to invest in themselves and garner better skills. It is a great way to foster a symbiotic relationship between you and your employees so that you can both foster and fuel growth together. When you keep offering newer courses to your employees, they appreciate the continuous learning.

Curated expertise

Off-the-shelf courses are typically prepared by experts who have a deep understanding of the industry, domain, and subject matter. These individuals exactly understand the industry issues and are, therefore, able to include solutions to those issues in the courses. Think of these subject matter experts as mentors, who are always there to guide your employees through difficult domains, so that your employees have no questions left unanswered, and there is absolute clarity. With off-the-shelf courses, this expertise is always available for your employees.


Manufacturing and engineering companies need to follow strict compliance and regulation guidelines. They have to impart certain compliance training to all these employees mandatorily. Since the manufacturing and engineering companies hire employees in large quantities, conducting these compliance training programs in classroom training can become a herculean task for the training managers. With off-the-shelf courses, these training programs can be made available literally at the click of a button!

Off-the-shelf courses check all the boxes when it comes to the delivery of high-quality training for your employees – they are prepared by the subject matter experts, are engaging and involving, can be taken by your learners anytime, anywhere, and extremely cost effective.

At Enggenious, with the help of our subject matter experts, who have an average of 30+ years of industry experience in manufacturing and engineering domains, we have developed high-quality online courses which you can start using today! Get in touch with us to know more.