What we do

Imagine you are trying to learn something, trying to understand some concept. What kind of feeling would you get when you understand that topic well? Joy, right? That joy of learning something well, that clarity in understanding; it is priceless.

That drives us at Enggenious. That’s our philosophy. As learning solutions experts, we want to create that joy for the learners. We want to create those eureka moments for the learners in engineering and manufacturing domains. We want the learners to say, “I cracked it”, “nailed it”. We want the learners to feel, “Oh, was it that easy? Never thought so”. We want them to emphatically say, “I can do my job exceedingly well here onwards”. We want the learners to say, “I want to learn more”.

Learning and development (L&D) teams work day in and day out to create exactly this kind of environment in their respective organizations. Enggenious wants to be that catalyst who work with L&D teams to create & continuously build upon that desirable learning culture.

We build eLearning, bleanded learning and other technology enabled learning solutions keeping in mind these mantras:

  • Deliver learning that is beyond just books & theories
  • Deliver learning that sticks
  • Learning must be a joyful experience
  • Encourage the learner to learn continuously