Blended learning

Online learning has its known benefits over offline, conventional classroom programs. However, not all learning objectives can be effectively achieved through online or just eLearning way. Objectives which fall under broad categories of awareness and knowledge are well served by eLearning or other self-paced online learning methods. When the objectives are building serious skills and expertise, good chance that online delivery methods would fall short. Classroom and on job training becomes crucial there. This is where blended learning method comes in.

Just because not everything can be delivered through eLearning, you don’t need to do everything through conventional classroom method. And compromising on learning objectives for delivery methods, well, this is out of question.

How about making most of both the worlds – online and offline? No compromises on learning objectives, being efficient and cost effective – that is what blended delivery model offers.

Enggenious expertise

Team of learning solutions expert and experienced subject matter experts design and deliver blended training programs. Based on target audience suitability for online and offline models, broad learning objectives, subjects and availability of technology platforms, we arrive at combinations of blended delivery methods.

We have also designed a couple of pre-packaged blended training solutions.

  1. Blended learning course on Industry 4.0
  2. Blended learning course on PLC fundamentals

Also, have a look at our blended training case studies.