Productivity booster deck: eLearning course package for manufacturing

Combo course package: Productivity booster deck

  • 160 minutes of eLearning, combo pack of 4 eLearning courses, certificate of completion
  • Perfect foundational course pack for manufacturing industry entrants and aspirants
  • Available for subscription and package buying

Target audience

  • Engineering, technical trainees – GETs, GTs
  • 0-3 years experienced engineers and technicians
  • Management trainees
  • May also include, a certain non-tech professionals who need to understand or refresh basics of technical & functional aspects

List of modules

  1. 7 QC tools & their applications
  2. Introduction to Six Sigma
  3. Introduction to total productive maintenance (TPM)
  4. Introduction to condition based maintenance (CBM )

Learning objectives of 7 QC tools & their applications module

After completing this module, learner will be able to -

  • Describe purpose of QC tools
  • List basic 7 QC tools
  • Explain application of each QC tool
  • Briefly discuss new 7 QC tools and compare them with basic 7 QC tools
  • Practice how to use 7 QC tools in your factory

Learning objectives of introduction to Six Sigma module

After completing this module, learner will be able to –

  • Elaborate Six Sigma as a strategic program for improving process quality
  • Explain statistical connotation of Six Sigma
  • Explain Six Sigma methodologies - DMADV, DFSS, and DMAIC
  • Practice use of tools such as Pareto diagram and Fish-bone diagram in Six Sigma projects
  • List roles of Champions and Black/Green belts
  • Contribute to Six Sigma projects

Learning objectives of introduction to TPM module

After completing this module, learner will be able to –

  • Describe TPM in the context of business goals.
  • Explain importance of maintenance function in overall quality management.
  • Calculate OEE and relate with range of OEE %
  • Describe typical TPM implementation roadmap.
  • Briefly describe 5S and 8 pillars of TPM.
  • Find out areas of attention on floor in TPM context.
  • Participate in quality maintenance initiatives, cost-cutting, and improvement.

Learning objectives of introduction to CBM module

After completing this module, learner will be able to –

  • Describe CBM as an important equipment maintenance strategy
  • Explain context of CBM
  • Describe process of CBM
  • Discuss benefits and savings by implementation of CBM
  • Elaborate on monitoring techniques

eLearning course features

  • SCORM 1.2 compliant version; accessible via web browser
  • Contents are illustrated by means of diagrams, charts, animations, pictures, drawings and other graphic media
  • Intuitive navigation, user friendly menu, help menu
  • Interactive text and voice to engage the learner
  • Self-paced
  • Interactive knowledge checks & assessment questions

Enggenious edge

  • This eLearning course is created by subject matter experts (SMEs) having global field experience in the subject.
  • These SMEs are also experienced in delivering classroom (ILT) trainings on the subject and also other subjects at engineering institutes and premium global companies.
  • SMEs who have created this course are available for training, mentoring and consultancy at site / via web.