Industry 4.0, it’s my time! – online learning series

Online learning series: Industry 4.0, it's my time!

  • 670 minutes of eLearning, pack of 16 episodes, certificate of completion
  • Perfect foundational course pack for Industry 4.0 talent development
  • Available for online subscription

Target audience

  • All those working in engineering design, production, operations & maintenance, QA-QC and other functions. It is a perfect start for all those who aspire for bright careers in Industry 4.0 era.

Benefits for the industryBenefits of Industry 4.0, It's my time! to industry

Embracing Industry 4.0

We are witnessing 4th industrial revolution, Industry 4.0. It is bringing fundamental change in engineering and manufacturing. Digital technologies and practices such as IoT, cloud computing, artificial intelligence & machine learning, additive manufacturing are the key enablers of this revolution. Data science, cyber security and related areas are crucial for this transformation. Technological change is happening at a rapid pace. To keep up with that, industry needs a talent development partner who brings in experience of delivering Industry 4.0 solutions and art of designing learning solutions. Enggenious is that.

Enggenious and Industry 4.0

Enggenious designs and delivers highly effective learning solutions - online, classroom, hands-on and blended. Addressing talent development needs for Industry 4.0 transformation, Enggenious delivers awesome programs ranging from half-a-day workshop to three months duration champion development programs for varied profiles of learners. This has helped us identify & evolve with learning needs. We bring that experience to help organizations transform.

Industry 4.0, it's my time! 

Enggenious brings this well-crafted online learning series to you. It is designed by Industry 4.0 solutions experts. It has 16 episodes on aspects and technologies of Industry 4.0. It is a self-paced online program delivered on a learning management system platform. Learners can access it over internet via a PC or mobile device. Total series content duration is 11 hours.

Learners don’t need to refer to multiple resources to get a holistic perspective of Industry 4.0; this series offers that on a platter. The series is engaging; built in small duration episodes, a nice mix of video and graphic with interactive elements. Journey through the series is designed in such a way that interest level of learners will keep rising towards the climax. Learners will surely enjoy going through this.

Overview of the series

The learning series starts with an introductory episode that gives a detailed idea about context of Industry 4.0, subjects covered and structure of the series. Second episode establishes concept of Industry 4.0 and how it differs from earlier industrial revolutions. Then we have episodes on foundational technologies of Industry 3.0 era – PLC programming, industrial communication, mechatronics, robotics, sensors, process control. Without a good command over these subjects, getting into Industry 4.0 wouldn’t be possible.

Next set of episodes are on the new technologies of Industry 4.0 – cloud computing, data science, artificial intelligence & machine learning, cyber security, digital twins and other exciting modern trends in digital manufacturing.

Further, learners will get to learn about a couple of exciting case studies of Industry 4.0 implementation. And then, there is an episode which will give a perspective to learners – Industry 4.0 and your career, your life.

Summary of learning objectives

Each of 16 episodes have their specific learning objectives. Here is a holistic summary of the learning objectives of this series. After completing this series, learner will be able to –

  • Elaborate essence of Industry 4.0 as a fundamental change and revolution
  • Explain technology stack of Industry 4.0 architecture
  • Execute basic skills in foundational technologies of Industry 3.0 & 4.0
  • Explain use cases of Industry 4.0 implementation
  • Actively contribute in Industry 4.0 projects

Series structure

Structure of series Industry 4.0, It's my time!

Assessments & certification

Series will have a pre-series test. Each episode will have a small quiz at the end. After completing all the episodes learners will appear for final assessment. On completing this test, learners will get the completion certificate.

Enrollment details

  • Learners will get secure login credentials to Enggenious LMS
  • Enrollment will be valid for 3 months
  • During this period learners can access all episodes for 3 complete attempts